How to drive more traffic using quora..?

There are many factors involved in driving traffic to ones website,few of them are paid and rest are freeQuorais one of the best way to drive more traffic(Organic)

Let's assume you are a digital marketer and want to generate more traffic to your website, you will also have to keep in mind the search relevancy their volume before you could create a blog post.

Example: Am creating a blog post for (The top digital marketing agencies in India) and the importance of backlinks below are the keyword relevancy and their volume


Here is the blog post on quora which would be seen once someone searches in google for (Top marketing companies)


Once google crawls your blog, it will be very easy for your targeted audience to view and know more about your services or products. Content is the king and google puts your link on top only if there is accurate information with catchy content, this may take couple of days

Want to know more about keyword relevancy, how to track traffic and other ways to create backlink